Give them hope with food

What kind of donation are you making?

Account Name: Charity Right Australia Ltd
BSB: 062191
Account Number: 10958152
Reference: Sadaqah or Zakat


Your charity will give the world’s neediest children daily nutritious meals so they can attend school and break out of poverty. 

We support vulnerable children in the slums and camps of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Malawi and in refugee community schools for Rohingya, Yemeni, Syrian, Afghan, Eritrean, Somali and other refugee children.


Qurban is due upon all Muslims who can afford meat for themselves. Charity Right invites you to give Qurban to children and their families in our poorest schools in Malawi.

For $105 per goat, you earn the blessing of feeding your brothers and sisters who barely remember what meat even tastes like anymore. You will receive a Qurban certificate, a photo and update on your Qurban to your email and WhatsApp.

My Ten Nights

We help you catch Laylatul Qadr. MyTenNights automates your donations over the last ten nights of Ramadan, so you never miss giving on Laylatul Qadr again. Set it up in minutes:

Dollar a Day

Feed a Child, One Dollar a Day

  1. You donate $1 for each day of the month to Charity Right Australia
  2. We provide nutritious, daily meals to hundreds of children so they can stay in school
  3. You earn ongoing rewards for every child fed 🙂

Zakat Al Maal

All our projects are zakat-eligible. Most recipients have never paid zakat in their lives, as they live below the poverty line. We provide children in the world’s poorest communities with nutritious meals and free education as a way out of poverty.

Fidya - Kaffarah

You can pay Fidya for your missed fasts with us. We use it to feed poor families in the slums of Bangladesh with nutritious food. 

In 2022, we fed 4400 families thanks to your Fidya.

Zakat Al Fitr

You can pay Zakat Al Fitr with us. We use it to feed poor families in the slums of Bangladesh with nutritious food. 

In 2022, we fed 4400 families thanks to your Fitr.

Our 2023 Fitr campaign has now closed.

Tainted Wealth

A common type of tainted wealth is bank interest accumulated in one’s savings account.

It is to be given away for the benefit of the poor, without hoping for a reward. Tainted wealth cannot be treated as Zakat.

Ummah 365

Rally your networks by creating your own fundraising appeal with us.

Perhaps start an appeal as a sadaqah jariyah for a loved one or on behalf of the deceased.

No matter how you decide to support our work, it will help people break free from the devastating effects of hunger and start to fulfil all their potential.

Thank You!

Download your Dhul Hijjah Duas. This file will also be emailed to you