Your support will provide nutritious food and education to help children break free from the devastating effects of hunger.

Your support will provide nutritious food and education to help children break free from the devastating effects of hunger.

Feed Children

Help us raise enough money to provide regular meals daily to impoverished children.


Every cent you donate will help to provide regular, nutritious meals in the schools we work in.

Dollar a Day

By investing $1 a day, you earn ongoing rewards for supporting all our projects!

In the slums of Bangladesh, Rohingya refugee camps and refugee settlements, daily meals get children out of poverty


We asked children in our care to share what their best day was like.

We’re glad to make them smile

Children can only get better with consistent, daily food & education.

Gift $1 a day to change one child’s life!

What we do

We work in forgotten and neglected communities to change lives forever.

Our goal is to provide regular, nutritious meals so people no longer struggle every day to feed their families.

Charity Right Australia feeds the world’s poorest children daily nutritious meals and gives them free sustainable education.

We focus on ONE THING, and we see it through, helping children fulfil their potential, rise out of poverty and achieve their dreams.

Our projects

Thanks to our generous supporters, we deliver impactful projects that produce lifelong benefits

Millions of people worldwide live with chronic hunger. We can’t reach them all. But we can give thousands hope of a better life.

Children in the Slums of Bangladesh

We feed children in the slums of Dhaka, Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar with daily meals as they attend school.

Meals for Rohingya Refugee Children

Help feed Rohingya children who have been robbed of a normal childhood.

Refugee Schools

Help us continue educating refugee children and reopen our schools.

Supporting Girls Education

Girls in poverty are married young because parents cannot afford to feed them. We give them another option.

Orphaned Kids and School Meals

We prioritize orphans, children of single mothers and children of parents with disabilities for our programs.

School Meals for Hufadh of the Quran

We offer religious education in all of our schools, with 3 schools operating as madrassas


Rally your networks by creating your own fundraising appeal with us.

Perhaps start an appeal as a sadaqah jariyah for a loved one or on behalf of the deceased.

No matter how you decide to support our work, it will help people break free from the devastating effects of hunger and start to fulfil all their potential.

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