This Dhul Hijjah, follow the steps of the prophets, bringing Quran, meals and education to our ummah’s most vulnerable children!

This Dhul Hijjah, follow the steps of the prophets, bringing Quran, meals and education to our ummah’s most vulnerable children!

"He said, ‘Father, do as you are commanded.

God willing, you will find me steadfast.’ " (Quran 37:102)

How can we raise a Righteous Child?

Parents and educators across the ummah ask this question – 
for the schools and children in our care, we do the exact same.
Our school meals program is our answer.

We go to forgotten and struggling parts of the ummah to help end the poverty cycle, but in a unique way.

We take a strategy inspired by the Messengers of Allah:

Nutritious Meals

As Allah provided for Hajer and a young Isma’il,
we seek to meet the nutritional needs of our students – and often their families

Islamic Teachings

As Allah taught prophet Isma’il the guidance,
we seek for Islamic education to be covered
at each of our schools

Good Company

As young Isma’il grew up with Prophet Ibrahim
and other righteous companions, we seek teachers who are good influences

Help raise more righteous children

Your zakat & sadaqah goes towards providing these to students.
It’s an investment in the future of the ummah, in your Akhirah,
and an opportunity to expand your own family in a small way ❤️ 

How it works ⚙️

How it's going 💕


school meals provided


children fed & educated


Hi, my name is Kamal

Father passed away when I was real young.
Mother stated working as a house cleaner – leaving early and coming home later.

She could only make food when she got back, my brothers and sisters and me ate in the morning, but nothing after that.

We stopped going to school – it was too far and if we actually tried, we would not get any food, so we just stopped.

It was like that for a while until one day while Mother was working, the people she was cleaning for started talking to her.

They talked about my siblings and I, and how we were not doing well. The person told her about another school.

The school was a “Charity Right” school and they provided meals for free to all of the students every single day!

Mother checked it out, and signed us up pretty fast. I have been here for five years since then 🙂
I feel better, mother is happier too, and we’re learning stuff every day. Thank you!

Hi, my name is Kamal


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Here are our details

BSB: 062 191
Account No: 1095 8152

Email [email protected] with proof of transfer to request your donation receipt. 

The goal of Charity Right is to build a healthier, stronger ummah. There are Muslim children across the globe with nothing to eat, laying bricks, and sleeping on the streets. Imagine if those same children became doctors, engineers, and sheikhs of the ummah. That’s our vision.
We have five areas of focus: children in slums, orphans, refugee children, girls education, and Hifz.

We have schools in  Bangladesh, Malawi, and a variety of refugee schools with children from Palestine, Myanmar, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, and more.

Yes – we are a fully certified and zakat eligible charity.


Feeds a child for 1 month


Feeds a child for 6 months


Feeds a child for a year

Thank You!

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