Focus your impact this Ramadan.
Give to those who will serve Allah after us.

Every Ramadan, numerous causes pull at our attention.

Distracted, we give to ALL OF THEM and nothing gets 100% effort.

The Impact on children

Meet Rafia

Mother works as a maid, but that means she leaves around
6 o’ clock every morning.

She can’t make breakfast for us and she would always worry about that.

We would get stomach aches from not eating, but I knew Mother loved us.

Then one day mother found out about a school nearby with a meal program. She signed us up and now I have been given books, notebooks, pens, bags, lunch and everything from the madrash!

I don’t worry about food anymore and me and my friends have a lot of fun.

Mother says, “Now [the kids] are getting not only the food but also all the things that they need for their proper study” 

Meet Ashfaq

After mother and father died, I went to live with my brother.

His family did not live far, but they could not take care of another child. I might go one day or two days without food at a time. 
Then, finally my brother said he could not take care of me anymore.

I went to my uncle, and he told me about a school he knew – they teach you math, sciences, Quran, and they provide meals.

He signed me up, and now my life almost feels like a dream. 

After mother and father died, I could have never imagined I could continue my studies. I have friends here. I am so grateful.

Meet Sayida

Father died and mother grew sick right after. 
She said it might be best I get married to make it easier on the family.

I might have just gone ahead and gotten married, but we remembered there was a school in the area. You could study, but also get meals each day.

I enrolled around 2018 – my younger sister Rahma is also studying.

We get vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and other delicious foods here. Charity Right is always there to help us.
When I get older, I want to become a teacher and help the kids in this area too.

Meet Kharej

I lost my dreams when we had to leave Myanmar.

It was just brother and me when we got off of the boat.

We looked and looked for work, but it did not go well.

I tried to play with the other kids but I would feel dizzy and there would be pain in my stomach.

But in the Rohingya camps, people know about the Charity Right school – people have known since way back.

I enrolled and now I get regular meals, my concentration is better, and I have a dream: I want to be a Mawlana when I grow up!

This Ramadan, we invite you to focus your Sadaqah and Zakat on those who will serve Allah after us

We are an international organisation dedicated to the education & economic mobility of children trapped in poverty.

Our Projects

We focus on areas most relevant to the children and communities we serve.

Children in the Slums

In Pakistan and Bangladesh, children choose between laying bricks, begging, or going hungry.

Let’s give them another option.

Meals for Rohingya Refugee Children

Forced to stay in camps, these children receive only rice & lentils from the government and no schooling is provided.

We want to prepare them to one day return home


Orphaned Kids and School Meals

1.5 million children are on the street in Bangladesh – having lost their families or run from abusive homes.
We want to give them a home, and a future.

School Meals for Hufadh of the Quran

We love religious education for its spiritual benefits, but also because many of these kids dream of becoming teachers of faith.

Supporting Girls Education

In some countries, the clearest way for a young woman to get a meal is marriage.

What if school was also an option?


Refugee Schools

Refugees flee war-torn Yemen, Sudan and more but even adults cannot legally work.

These kids need nutritious meals, and education to one day make a living!


Don't delay,
don't second guess yourself.

Make this month a Ramadan for Kids ❤️

Thank You!

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