Going to school makes sense
when you don’t work 12h a day for a bowl of rice

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Children in the Slums of Bangladesh

We address systemic poverty.
It makes sense then, to head to Bangladesh.

In its slums five people share a room, but 50 share a toilet. Next door are 30-story skyscrapers with toys and luxury brands behind glass windows.
Children help fishermen and cleans homes not sure if they’ll eat tonight or will have to give up what little they have for their younger siblings.

We have 10 schools in the slums – 939 kids. We make sure Bangladesh education standards are met and feed them clean, wholesome meals every day.

Meals for Rohingya Refugee Children

Refugees fled Myanmar in boatloads for the Bangladesh shores.

Upon arrival they were herded into makeshift camps where they are required to stay until further notice.
Kids are fed nothing but rice and lentils, and their only source of education is whatever the community can scrounge together.

We have been approved to enter these camps. We support the teachers and provide children with balanced diets – fish, chicken, veggies, dairy. Our goal is to arm them with the tools they need to make a living when, in shaa Allah, they can return home.

Orphaned Kids and School Meals

Many parents – particularly fathers – have died from war or illness. Without a way to feed their children, mothers have sent their boys and girls to us.

242 orphans were served in our schools in 2020. We intend to welcome more as we expand – emphasising children of single mothers and parents with disabilities.

School Meals for Hufadh of the Quran

In 2021, 13 boys and 15 girls attending our schools  have memorized the entire Quran!

We offer religious education in all of our schools, with 3 schools operating as madrassas, and one of them – exclusively as a girls’ madrassah.

Supporting Girls Education

Girls in poverty are married young because parents cannot afford to feed them. We invite girls to our schools instead.

No need to marry someone just to get your 1-2 meals a day. They are given a choice to come to our school, get fed AND get educated.

We focus on communities where girls tend to get less support than boys. Two of our schools focus exclusively on girls education, and we have girls present in all other schools we support.

Refugee Schools

It is illegal for refugees in Malaysia to work.

Without means of making an adequate living, parents AND children take to the streets looking for what work they can regardless of the danger.

We seek to counter this. Our school meals program provides nutrients for a variety of communities: Yemeni, Syrian, Afghan, Somali, and more. 

School Meals All Year Round

We feed our students daily, school days or not.

Please, consider setting up a recurring donation. We rely on your continued support to see the children through to graduation.

Sustained trust and support from our donors means we can open more schools and promise more children a safe, continued education.

Thank You!

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