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My Best Day Was When...

My mother cooked lots of tasty...

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My mother cooked a lot tasty foods for my little sister's birthday. And we ate cakes for her birthday! Cakes are my favorite. We had a lot of fun for so long, so the day is forever memorable to me.

Suhi, Age 11

I went to my uncle's...

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I went to my uncle's house. Uncle is my favourite person, I like to visit him. Uncle entertained us with many kinds of fruits. There I played lots of games with my cousins. The day was very enjoyable for me!

Mahmuda, Age 8

A few months ago, I went to...

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A few months ago, I went to the zoo for the first time in my life with my father and mother. It was such a beautiful place that I had never known before. I loved seeing a variety of animals... I'd never seen tigers, bears and such birds!

Julekha, Age 9

I had Khir-Puri with my friends...

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I love to eat Khir-Puri (traditional desert). A few days ago I had Khir-Puri with my friends at my home. The day was very significant and memorable to me.

Imran, Age 11

I went to our village house...

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I went to our village house where we have a mango garden, we ate a lot of mangoes from the mango garden. I enjoyed the day a lot.

Jui, Age 10

I won a prize at last year’s...

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I won a prize at last year’s annual sports competition. The day was very memorable for me since I first won a game. In addition to sports, we had a lot of fun that day.

Sohel, Age 9

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