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Help feed + educate
orphans, future hufadh, refugees and others

Sacrifice for the Love of Allah

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, with 50% of the population living in poverty (living on less than AU$3/day) and 25% in extreme poverty (surviving on less than AU$1.85/day)

Where will my Qurban go?

First in line are children at our school and their families.

If there’s more to go around after that,

We’ll distribute it to community members in need

Why do Qurban with us

1) You will support children at our schools in Malawi and their families ❤️

2) You will give local goats to each community 🐐

3) You will support local farmers who adhere to traditional animal rearing standards (better nutrition for the kids) 💪

4) You will fulfil your Qurban obligation for just $105 AUD 😎

5) You will also get a photo before and a certificate after your sacrifice  ✉️ 

Why Malawi?

Over 50% of Malawi already lived beneath the poverty line. The poorest in Malawi earn less than $210 a year. Then Cyclone Freddy destroyed villages, homes and fields – the last source of hope the struggling farmers had left. 


We were cautioned that we should choose a more popular country. Told that we will not raise enough because “people only care to send money back home”. Of course, we know that our brothers and sisters in Malawi are in such a sad state precisely because they have nobody who “sends money back home” there. 

People of Malawi can rely on Allah alone. This is why we do Qurban there.

“So seek provision from Allah alone, worship Him, and be grateful to Him. To Him you will all be returned.” [Quran, 29:17]


Can I trust your team in Malawi?

We have built a relationship with local imams in Africa who we trust because they teach and lead prayers for the kids at our schools. They have been asking us to help for years. 


You will get proof of your Qurban:

1) Photo of your goat before sacrifice 📸 🐐

2) Certificate of completion after sacrifice 📃✅

via email, WhatsApp or both

Direct Bank Transfer :bank:

Name: Charity Right Australia Ltd

BSB:  062 191
Account Number: 10958152
Reference: Qurban + your phone number for WhatsApp notification of slaughter

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For Receipts:
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Qurban 2023 campaign has ended

We cannot accept further orders as it takes time to secure the animals and provide communication to our donors

Get notified about our Qurban next year here

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