They left behind more than homes – they left behind schools. Support their education and dreams of a better future.

#1 in the Malaysian National Football Tournament

The Refugee Children of MSRI

MSRI soccer team started with the Faisal Cup, and now they proudly stand as the winning team in the Malaysian National Football Tournament 2023, winning against local Malaysian teams.

Today, one of their star players, Hassan, is an international player, supported by the Irish Football Club. Sports has also become the lifeline for these children to be accepted by other countries.

We deliver 100 meal boxes to this school every month, so the children can learn, play and achieve their dreams on a full stomach.

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Let Them Dream on a Full Stomach

Without rights to work and education, and with limited healthcare, refugee children are forced to seek illegal odd jobs to help their families survive in Malaysia and Bangladesh. Let’s change this.

Every Child Matters, Every Dream Matters

The refugee children are full of hopes and dreams. Help make them a reality!

Yasir Fled Myanmar

Yasir, a Rohingya refugee, escaped the war with his family as a 1 month old baby. Though he stutters when he speaks, he is full of confidence. Yasir dreams of being an international gamer in the future.

Anna Fled Iraq

Anna, a refugee from Iraq, escaped persecution with her family. Raised by a single mother of two, Anna dreams to be a doctor one day to save people’s lives.

Faris Fled Syria

Faris, a Syrian refugee, fled the country at a very young age. He has memorised 4 juz of the Quran with the guidance of his father, a hafidh himself. Faris dreams of being the muazzin of his housing area one day.

Our Impact is Growing

The school meals are distributed through our community schools and partners in Bangladesh and Malaysia

Refugee children with over 14 nationalities receiving daily school meals

Ready to Make a Difference?

Help our refugee children go to school, and start a cycle of smiles, learning and opportunity for them and their family ❤️

Ramadan Blessings 🌙

Multiply your rewards this Ramadan. Feed + Educate vulnerable children in the slums of Bangladesh and Rohingya, Syrian, Somali, Afghan, Pakistani and other refugee children.

Automate your donations over the last ten nights of Ramadan, so you never miss giving on Laylatul Qadr again

💵 Zakat

Every cent you donate will help to provide regular, nutritious meals in the schools we work in.

Your Ramadan Meals could get you to Jannah! Did you know your 30 Ramadan meals could feed a hungry child for an entire year?

❤️‍🩹 Fidya

You can pay Fidya for your missed fasts with us. We use it to feed poor families in the slums of Bangladesh with nutritious food

🍚 Fitr

You can pay Zakat Al Fitr with us. We use it to feed poor families in the slums of Bangladesh with nutritious food

Raise $365 and feed a child for a year.

Regular, nutritious meals and education can help these kids fulfill their potential ❤️

Thank You!

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