Malawi is Devastated by Hunger.

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1 in 3 people in Malawi are facing extreme hunger...

Food is their answer.

Over 70% of Malawi lives beneath the poverty line, with the poorest earning less than £139 each year. This situation in Malawi has worsened even more with Cyclone Freddy threatening thousands of lives. In fact, the cyclone recorded more energy over its lifetime than an entire US hurricane season.

But food is their answer.

With regular school meals, the children of Malawi can finally get the nutrition they need to grow up healthily and attend school. Learning on a full stomach will give them the chance they need to focus on their studies and achieve an education to unlock a brighter future.

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'Do not show lethargy or negligence in giving aims and charity until your last breath.'

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Sahih Bukhari

Laida and her Family was Given a Lifeline.

Laida and her five children are just some of the 5.4 million in Malawi who suffer from chronic food insecurity.

After her husband left, Laida raises her children all alone.

It’s not easy to find a simple, steady income, but she works hard by selling other peoples’ goods for commission. Every penny goes towards putting food on the table… but even then, it’s not enough.

Food is their answer.

With regular and nutritious school meals available, Laida can send her children to school. This gives her much-needed financial relief, but it also allows her children to become healthy, educated and in a better position for a brighter future.

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