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10 To-Duaa happened after a few of us started thinking what to do during Dhul Hijjah.
It quickly became clear that we had no idea!

Dhul Hijjah isn’t like Ramadan where there are a bunch of things to do for those not on Hajj.
Still, that does NOT mean those of us at home have to miss out on good deeds 🙂

Every item on the To-Do list is made to be
A) Inspired by a Quranic duaa, and
B) a quick, practical deed you can do anywhere! ❤️

Charity Right Australia is a Muslim-owned and operated NGO, registered by the ACNC.
We have one mission: to actually try and end the poverty cycle!
We do this by bringing our model of providing nutritious meals at schools to children in slums and refugee camps
in places like Bangladesh and Malaysia.

Our board brings together the personal and professional experience of some of Australia’s most hard-working and talented initiative leaders. 

Dr. Naim Islam

Dr Naim Islam is an Australian-based health professional and has devoted himself to help the community as a trained General Practitioner.

He has been involved with various humanitarian and social organisations since he was a student of Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Dhaka Bangladesh in 1990s. Despite his arrival in Australia twenty years ago, this zeal for humanitarian services has not stopped. 

Besides Dr Naim’s profession as physician, he has been involved with various Australian and international philanthropic and charitable organisations.

Ramia Abdo Sultan

Ramia has been a community advocate and currently sits on various committees which seek to provide positive change to society. 

She is an advisory committee member with the Australian Human Rights Commission and serves on the Executive Committee of the Gaza Children’s Fund. Professionally she runs her own legal practice in Sydney and was appointed as the first female in the Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) as the Community Relations Advisor. Outside of work, Ramia enjoys her time out traveling, camping, cycling and swimming when she finds time in her busy schedule.

Dr. Hamid Almafragy

Dr. Hamid is a Board Member of Charity Right Australia. He works full time as an Interventional Cardiologist and is President of the Australian Iraqi Muslim Society (AIMS).

 Dr. Hamid’s involvement in Charity Right Australia started from a deep desire to benefit society with his skills, expertise and network.

Samir Bennegadi

Samir is a principled, educated professional, with expertise and exposure in the fields of Strategic Planning, Business Development, Communication, Public Relations and Business Acquisitions. 

He managed portfolio exceeding AUD 250 Million and a workforce of over 2500 employees.

During the past twenty-five years, Br. Samir had the privilege to work closely with the Australian Muslim Community in several Da’wah, welfare and charitable projects such as the establishment of educational institutions, places of worship, orphan sponsorship programs and many more. 

Thank You!

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