Sh. Sajid & Refugee – Qadr recitation Sh Sajid Umar recites Surah Qadr with our Refugee Quran students.  Our refugee students come from Syria, Palestine, Somalia, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Yemen, Iraq, Sudan and more countries devastated by […]

Your Impact since Ramadan 2022 ❤️

With your help, 3000 children have received 1.1 million school meals since last Ramadan!  These school meals nurture their minds and bodies, give them access to schooling and build the […]

Our Work: Eritrean Refugees in Sudan

Charity Right serves nutritious meals to students in Abouda Refugee camp in Sudan.  Many Eritrean refugees are struggling to provide for their families. To make sure parents do not have […]

Our Work: MSRI Refugee School in Malaysia

MSRI welcomes over 100 Rohingya, Afghan, Syrian, Yemeni, Iraqi, Sudanese, Somali, Palestinian and other refugee children in Malaysia. Change a life with your support, give today

Our Work: Sekolah Islamiyah in Malaysia

Meals make the difference Instead slinking into class, tired and about to fall asleep, kids study and learn at our schools ♥  Change a life with your support, give today

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